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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What Do You Think?

Sticky: Help Me Choose A Picture

I need help deciding on an avatar for my blog. Click the "We want to read more" button to see the choices and vote. New posts are below this one!!Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar Bishop or Me? Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Okay, I have been blogging for a year and a half now. I wasn't really going to put my picture up. The image of Bishop was chosen to be my Gravatar, an avatar for my Haloscan comments. I chose Bishop because of the result of a Liquid Generation "Which Marvel Superhero Are You" quiz, the results of which have been enshrined at the bottom of my blog since I took the quiz.
While I was reading a bunch of Blogger comments I noticed that many Blogger bloggers had avatars too. So just to be consistent I set Bishop up to be my avatar. Little did I know that this would cause him to display in my profile area as my photo. Since I didn't originally intend for Bishop to be my picture, I am left with a choice. Do I add a picture or keep Bishop. So after careful consideration and deep soul searching I decided to blow it off and let you decide.
I have been playing with my digital camera and I took this photo. I photo-chopped the garbage that was sitting on my deck out ( I even photo-chopped the deck and garbage can out). I wanted to look all reflective and the photo is intentionally silhouettey. The dark background blending in with the star-filled sky motif of the blog.
What I want you to do dear reader is vote on what you think my photo/avatar should be for blogger. For the nonce I will continue to use Bishop as my Gravatar so you will still see him in Haloscan comments. Towards the goal of voting, I have created a poll. Its a freebie so bear with me if the server gives us problems. You may vote once every four hours from any single IP address. I will leave the poll up for a week. It will be sticky. I will fold it after today. Feel free to leave me a comment on the situation.

What graphic image should I use for the My Profile picture and comment avatar for Blogger?
Dane Bramage Silhouette
Some generated cartoonish character
Don't really care
Current Results

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