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Monday, September 25, 2006

Headlines for Tuesday 9-26-2006

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Cat Stevens Criticizes Pope on Islam
Sounds like that Peace Train he's always singing about has been derailed

Tom Petty gets key to Gainesville, Fla.
Aging rocker told to lock up town before he goes to bed

Fergie's solo album misses opportunities
But still charts higher than other royals

Former Life photographer Holmes dies
If she's reincarnated would she be a former Life photographer in a former life?

Deal reached to let Canadian drugs into U.S.
Stoners rejoice at not having to cross the border to get their stuff

Retired Officers to Criticize Rumsfeld
Democrats criticize timing. Wanted these losers to rehash their dribble closer to election day.

PETA Upset at Six Flags Roach Contest
Six Flags invites activist to their new PETA Motel. Whiny liberal animal huggers check in...

Feds: HIV testing should be routine for Americans
But only after unprotected Gay sex becomes routine for Americans

Fasting for Ramadan reminder of sacrifice
Rage, rioting and violence reminders that its the Religion of Peace

Pa. Farm Discovers a 4-Legged Chicken
PETA wants to protect it from KFC, evolutionist claim it's a next step, and GLBT wants to make sure that there's not some an extra friendly rooster's head stuck in the middle of this

Clinton, Fox Anchor Battle in Interview
Bubba didn't like being caught with his Legacy hanging out

Women Hit Glass Ceiling in N.J. Politics
They don't mind until you hand them the Windex and squeegees

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