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Friday, September 15, 2006

Hedalines for Friday 09-15-2006

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UK network to do fictional Bush assassination film
Promises to display constant disclaimers to head off leftist celebrations

What will Rosie bring to odd 'View'?
Shooting O'donnell from any angle is an "odd view

Professor Helps Invent Lightning Sensor
When worn, sensor registers smell of charred flesh and burnt hair when struck by lightning

Jessica Simpson Told to Rest Her Voice
When she doesn't sing, we get the rest.

Stones smoker didn't break law after all
Apparently smoking bans apply to tobacco products. Smoke all the stones you want.

Spider on front porch not itsy or bitsy
Muffet family seen fleeing area

Man May Have Sent 2 Billion Spam E-Mails
And that was just to my inbox yesterday alone

Man Says Naked Attackers Robbed Him
Witnesses say suspects were just hanging out until the man stiffed them then they streaked away

Man Charged With Stealing Underwear
Detectives uncovered evidence during panty raid. Suspect set to challenge the debriefing

10 Stingrays Killed Since Irwin's Death
PETA blames Bush's War on Terror for singling out Stingrayofacists for retribution
Hey. That's the first time I've done a "Bush blamed" headline. That was easy. Too easy.

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