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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #10

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13 things about Dane Bramage

The Favorite Games Edition

Well if you couldn't tell by my posts on Origins Games Fair and Gen Con Fair, I am a gamer. Mostly I like board games but I play role playing games (RPGs) and card games, including collectible card games (CCGs). On my Worldnet page I listed some games under "Hobbies" So I thought why not just be a lazy slob and copy use that as a basis of my Thursday Thirteen. You can click to enlarge any image.

  1. Image Uploaded by ImageShack ToolbarStarfleet Battles:This game has been around over twenty years. The SFB Rulebook can fill a 3" D-ring binder (depending on which advanced and optional rules you use.) It is a table top, cardboard counter, hex map game. Few games come close to it in complexity which is why as a tactical game it rocks. The company has had it's ups and downs but is now publishing new material. They now have a "dumbed down" version called Federation Commander which I think they put out to appeal to the attention deficit kids who play CCGs and video games.

  2. Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar Supremacy: This game is "OOP" or "Out of Print/Production". That means you can't go find a new copy any where except collectors. I still have a copy but it has succumbed to the elements in my sister's garage. Supremacy was very popular in my circle during the eighties. A board game with contemporary world powers. A little like Risk but with nukes and killer satellites. We would start playing Friday nights and finish sometime on Saturday.

  3. Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar Talisman: The Magical Quest Game This is another "OOP" game from the eighties, plus it was an import. I have a complete set with expansions. The expansions alone would fetch about $700 on ebay. So my friends understand what a VERY SPECIAL occasion it is when I whip it out and say lets play.

  4. Image Uploaded by ImageShack ToolbarChampions/Hero System: Champions is a superhero RPG. It has been around since the eighties and I have play all of its versions up to and including the 5th Edition which is the current one. I regularly run Champions events at both Origins and Gen Con and have for over ten years. My friends and I still get together and play (although not as frequently as we did when we were all single and could stay up all night.) There's nothing like making the world safe for Truth, Justice, and the American Way!

  5. Image Uploaded by ImageShack ToolbarTraveller: This Sci-Fi RPG first published in 1977 is one of the oldest around. It has gone through many revisions (original ship computers weighed tons but had less processing power than your PDA) but the "classic Traveller" is still very popular.

  6. Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar Star Trek CCG: A fun CCG that is based on all things Star Trek.

  7. The rest of the list is below the fold. Go to the end of the post and click "We want to read more!"
  8. Image Uploaded by ImageShack ToolbarJyhad CCG: From the wonderful people who brought you Magic the Gathering; comes this card game based on Vampire: The Masquerade RPG. Jyhad (now called Vampire: The Eternal Struggle) pits you as a vampire prince against the other princes for control of the "nightlife" of the city. Bring lunch. a short games last about three hours.

  9. Image Uploaded by ImageShack ToolbarMunchkin! This great card game is a tongue in cheek stab at gamers who take their games a little too seriously. Munchkin comes in a series of standalone games jabbing at different RPG genres but you can throw them all together!

  10. Image Uploaded by ImageShack ToolbarHeroclix: A miniatures system which features Marvel, DC, and Independent Comic heroes. Great for kids.

  11. Image Uploaded by ImageShack ToolbarSpace Empires IV: This computer game is pretty typical for a 4X type of game. HOWEVER; every aspect of it is completely customizable. You can program the AI to micromanage your empire exactly the way you would. Then set back and concentrate on the fun things like galactic conquest and alien extermination!

  12. Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar Space Hulk(with Death Wing and Genestealers): Another import OOP game from the eighties. I had invested probably more than $600 in my version. I bought lead and pewter figures (imported) to use instead of the plastic figures provided with the game. Those pieces would be worth a mint today. Never lend your OOP game to a friend. But besides all that it is a very enjoyable game. Great way to teach younger kids how to play board games. (And teach them never to lend your pricey pewter to friends! THANKS PAUL!)

  13. Image Uploaded by ImageShack ToolbarLunch Money A great teaching aid, Lunch money teaches valuable school lessons like basic math, and how to beat up the other kids and take their lunch money. Just kidding, there really isn't all that much math. A great game which is quick to play so revenge is never far off.

  14. Image Uploaded by ImageShack ToolbarMustangs and Messerschmitts One of my all time favorite games. M&M is a hobby unto itself. They provide the rules for plane to plane aerial combat circa WWII. YOU have to find the 1/72 scale model kits, put them together, then paint and decal them. Then you have to construct the stands and clips to mount the planes. Then you have to find an area big enough to play the game. We used to play in the parking lot next to my house. This picture is from the 2006 Origins M&M event

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