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Monday, April 16, 2007

One Billion in Debt; I Know iPods for Everybody!

Ohio's neighbor to the north, Michigan has had some financial difficulties, stemming mostly from the Democratic leadership. Facing close to a billion dollar deficit, the new budget proposes giving every school kid an iPod. An excerpt from Hey Michigan kids, your state reps. have a present for you:
The state is apparently facing a budget crisis--to the tune of $1 billion. On Thursday, House Democrats delivered a spending bill that includes the idea of putting $38 million worth of public funds toward outfitting every student with a digital music player. The plan also included measures to tax soda and satellite TV services, among other things, to raise funds.
I feel for our taxpaying neighbors. The Democrats have designs on their money and an iPod for everybody just screams "fiscal responsibility". My God do the people of Michigan NOT see this as an attempt to simply buy influence and make the taxpayer fund it?

I mention this because, well I read it at David Drake's blog but more importantly, Ted Strickland, Ohio's new democratic governor less than 90 days into office has already begun singing the "We need to raise taxes" song. So far nothing as bizarre as ipods for every student but with democrats, it is just a matter of time before they reach into my pocket to fund something stupid.

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