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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #36

Thursday Thirteen #36

13 Things about Dane Bramage

13 Things about Scott Murray's Book Trucker's Tales

My friend Scott who is the only one to guest post here at Dane Bramage has had a book published. I have bought a copy and read it and I love it. So I asked Scott to give me thirteen things about his book. At first he said no. Then I threatened to go to Colorado and find him. Then he reminded me of the restraining order. So I just begged an pleaded until he said "Okay! Stop crying already!" So here are 13 Things about Truckers Tales straight from the horses.. mouth.
Truckers Tales by Scott Murray

  1. This is my first book published.

  2. This is not my first CHOICE of which book to be published. The first one is/was about a phenomenon I saw out in Nevada and I turned it into a science fiction story. I thought that one would draw attention, but I was wrong (for once).

  3. This is my current apex of my writing career

  4. Getting the book published put me on a REALLY steep learning curve. Oh come on now. A truck driver should be used to steep curves! Who'd you work for ? Tonka? -DB"

  5. The book was originally called "Trucker's Tails" It had three X-rated chapters in it, but that was before I was born again. My conscience wouldn't let me put those chapters in the final cut, and that worked out well for me to get on with Tate Publishing, a Christian Publisher in Mustang, OK. Maybe I should sell those chapters on E-bay?

  6. Writing the book was easy. The tough part was the editing. I probably read the book 100 times.

  7. There are 17 states listed in the book. There's a total of 21 crossed in my journeys

  8. The book is "semi non-fiction". That means some of the stories are fiction, and some are non-fiction. It's up to the reader to decide which is which, and I'm not spilling the beans, yet. The only story I will admit is non-fiction is "Texas Gold".

  9. The "Texas Gold" story still chokes me up; whether I read it, or listen to the original recording. It was a moving spiritual experience for me.

  10. Trucker's Tales was written by the world's largest OxyMoron. At 250#, I think I qualify!

  11. This book is proof a good story can be told without having porn or foul language in it.

  12. This book is proof that God does answer prayers.

  13. The last chapter causes many people to cry.

  14. BONUS: Kevin really is from a different time and space continuum, but I love him anyway!Now you've gone and told my secret! You must be sacrificed to appease Xzondru! -DB"

If you click on the book cover above you can go to Tate publishing and order the book. It's $9.99 plus S&H. And while you are leaving comments you can say a word or to to Scott who bears an uncanny resemblance to Stephen King. Coincidence? Hmmm.

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