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Monday, April 09, 2007

Headlines for Monday 4/09/2007

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Comedy Beats Gore on Easter Weekend
Former Vice President and inventor of internet and Global Warming said to be recovering nicely

Sales Halted for Constipation Drug
Demand expected to logjam until pressure forces market flow with liquid assets

Most Americans don't eat smart and exercise, CDC says
Not at the same time anyway

Richardson signs medical marijuana bill
Hippies by the millions descend upon New Mexico complaining of pain

Lasers no permanent fix for many port-wine stains
Researchers suggest less expensive pre-treater for wine stain removal

Coyote Visits Chicago Sandwich Shop
Orders Mesquite Roadrunner Wrap with cole slaw

Deputies Put Toe and Tow Together
Suspect didn't have a leg to stand on

Officials Bar Rabbi's Matzo-Making Bus
Matzo fumes ruled to be a greenhouse gas and contributes to Global Warming

Artist: Many Offers for Chocolate Jesus
Confection has special resurrection feature. It comes back three days after you eat it.

Airline moves dead body to 1st class
Lucky stiff

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