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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #39

Thursday Thirteen #39

13 things about Dane Bramage

13 Things About My Current Home Life

Here are 13 things about what's been going on at the Bramage homestead

  1. My niece moved out and into her own place. I am happy for her. I just hope she was ready and moved for the right reasons.

  2. My three great nephews and great niece are gone. Kids keep you young while aging you rapidly!

  3. It is very quiet at my house. Too quiet.

  4. My Television which literally ran 24/7 has been off more in the last month than it has in the last 3 years. I am going through Spongebob withdrawal.

  5. Crayon is of the devil. And when applied to walls will last longer than Egyptian hieroglyphics

  6. I found cereal in my sub woofer And Heroclix in my VCR

  7. My Mom refers to my friend and his wife as "The People Under the Stairs". Dave and Bridget are still with me.

  8. My new carpet arrives in t-minus 14 days and $500 cheaper than Home Depot.

  9. I have to have the living room painted by then. I have chosen a color called Cancun Blue.

  10. "The People Under the Stairs" are doing the cleaning and prep work for painting. They are going through a case of "Magic Eraser" and some stuff called "Krud Kutter".

  11. It will really be quiet when they leave in October. Dave likes to gloat when he kicks my butt in Civilization IV. He can't handle me in Railroads though.

  12. It will smell better too. "The People Under the Stairs" don't stink, their seven cats and one dog stink.

  13. Well Dave stinks. At least his feet do as illustrated in this sonnet "Ode to My Best Friends Feet Which Stink"

More on the home improvement front as it develops.

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