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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Should They Fire Imus

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Should Don Imus be fired for his “nappy headed hos” comment directed at the Rutgers woman’s basketball team? Who cares I don’t listen to Imus. I do feel the comment was uncalled for and he should have apologized to the Rugters women and NOT to Al Sharpton. How did Al get involved anyway? Oh yeah, someone said something offensive about black people. And Big Al ever the champion of race baiting and headline grabbing rose to the challenge of speaking on behalf of African Americans everywhere. Who asked him? And who told him to be outraged on my behalf?

Imus is an idiot. He’s a professional idiot and people pay him a lot of money for his oral refuse. He is constantly pushing the envelope because that equates to ratings, and ratings equates to revenue. Occasionally he will cross some line and say something inappropriate. We all have done the same. Am I condoning or excusing his behavior? Not at all. I am merely saying that it is to be expected. So what should we do about it? “Bad Imus! Apologize!” Oh wait he did. So I guess we should move on.

Why? Because “nappy headed hos” is tame compared to the filth that supposedly non-racist blacks call each other on a daily basis in their music, in their videos and films. Where’s the outrage? You will only hear it from the pulpits. And Al is supposed to be a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the highest form of hypocrisy to hold others to a standard that you do not apply to yourself. Jesus reminds us to regard the beam in our own eye. Al condemns Imus but gives rappers and film makers a free pass. If Sharpton preached the standards of the Bible and the black community had enough self-respect and self esteem to banish the words of self –hatred, Imus would have to resign. But he didn’t say anything about those hard working, college women that you wouldn’t hear in a music video. He merely parroted the attitude that the black community allows its young people to have towards women. And that is what should be addressed and dealt with.

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