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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I Voted

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Yesterday was election day. Kinda. You couldn't tell by looking and I think it was deliberate. There was only one issue on the ballot in my precinct. It was a city income tax increase. Nearly 15%. The Democrats who have run this city's deficit from 100 million to 480 million over the past eight years think that the way to solve all of our ills is with more taxes. They justify it by pointing out that the federal government and the state have both cut income tax so logically Akron taxpayers have more money available to be taken by local tax.

To further sugarcoat the measure, they have hit upon the slogan, "Keep Akron Safe" and promise to hire new police officers. But my God we are in the hole 480 million dollars and they want to raise our taxes and spend it on new police and services. I have suddenly developed a pain in my backside. Right about where my wallet is. I have never been mugged in Akron except by the City Council.

Fortunately the voters of the Rubber capitol of the World were not taken in the Democrats ploy. The measure went down nearly 2 to 1.

OOPS. I have made a factual error as Pho has pointed out. The actual deficit is only 27 million. The total debt is over 700 million. My fault for not verifying my source. Still its no reason to raise my taxes 15%. Why don't we try some sound fiscal management?

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