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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #42

Thursday Thirteen #42

13 things about Dane Bramage

13 Point Comparison of Colorado and Ohio
(as reported by Scott)

Well I am getting over whatever I had that sidelined me for two weeks. While I was incapacitated my dear friend Scott who lives in Colorado sent me this list. I thought I would forward it to you since you can blame him and not me! I added an occaisional observation though.

  1. Colorado's average elevation is higher than the highest point in Ohio That explains why the average Coloradian suffers from anoxia

  2. Ohio has TREES Colorado has Aspens.

  3. In Colorado, if something dies in the wild, it will freeze dry before it rots So Folgers runs the funeral industry there.

  4. Colorado uses 25% of their road use taxes to keep I-70 west of Denver open. Ohio uses 25% of their road use taxes to fix potholes.

  5. Half of Colorado is prairie AKA flatland; its not all mountains. If it were, where would they land the planes?

  6. Half of Ohio is flatland So is the other half.

  7. Ohio has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The Inventors Hall of Fame and the Pro Football Hall of fame. Colorado has the bankrupt Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame

  8. Colorado has some of the most bizarre wildlife in the world Ohio has some of the most bizarre night life in the world.

  9. Colorado has more ski resorts than Ohio Well DUH! every direction in Colorado is downhill.

  10. Colorado is on the western edge of “Tornado Alley” That would explain the big motor home graveyard on the eastern border

  11. Ohio is on the eastern edge of civilization So what are you trying to say Scott?

  12. Ohio gets more rain per year than Colorado And what little rain Colorado gets they turn it into Coors.

  13. Colorado has not had a river catch fire! Oh you just had to go there!

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