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Friday, May 04, 2007

Headlines for Friday 5/04/2007

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Gunman Prompts Space Center Evacuation
Also prompted bowel evacuation in some employees

McDonald's 1Q Profit Climbs 22 Percent
Waistlines see similar growth

'The Producers' Brings Down the Curtain
I really liked "She Sheila"

Sheryl Crow Ends Global-Warming Tour
Songstress is no one sheet wonder

Democrats Not Backing Down on Iraq
Democrats Determined to cut and run no matter what

Baldwin-Basinger custody dispute resumes
Each struggles to get sole custody of failing careers

Prosecutor: Lock up Paris Hilton for 45 days
Public: Lock her up for 45 years

Clinton Seeks New Iraq War Vote
Kerry announces that he will vote against it before voting for it

Teen Gets Mich. Gov.'s Old Cell Number
"I like winked at this old babe and she like wrote her number on a matchbook and like told me to call her an stuff. Dude! I'm like totally doin the governor!"

3,500 Lbs. of Bat Guano Found in Attic
Bruce Wayne realizes the Bat Attic was a bad idea

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