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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Times They Are A-Changin

At least in France they seem to be. A pro-American conservative won the Presidential election Sunday. The moonbats became unhinged. Sarkozy Win Sets Off France Riots was an interesting read. See if you can spot any bias in the reporting...
Nicolas Sarkozy, the conservative who beat Socialist Segolene Royal in a runoff Sunday, is a divisive figure whose tough language and crackdowns on crime and immigration have angered many on the left and in the immigrant-heavy suburban housing projects that erupted in riots in 2005.
So if you are tough on immigration and crime you are divisive. And who was it that got angry again? Hmmm, the left and the rioters who destroyed millions of euros of property in 2005.

But just like in 2005 the moonbats have decided to display their displeasure in the same manner.
Some 730 cars were burned nationwide Sunday night and 592 people arrested, police said.
Late Monday night, several hundred people massed again at the Place de la Bastille in Paris, breaking windows in nearby shops and starting street fires. Riot police dispersed them, and about 100 people were arrested, police said Tuesday. A handful of cars were ignited in the area.
The French handed Sarkozy a mandate. They are tired of the economic and social chaos that plagues their nation. But the left didn't go down without a fight. No. The socialists stood firm on their platform planks and fully expected the better man to win... well no they didn't Socialist Party candidate Segolene Royal threatened the French people.
Royal had warned of renewed violence in case of a Sarkozy victory, and had sought to make the campaign a referendum on Sarkozy's polarizing persona.
Way to take the high road and sell your agenda Sego.

Sarkozy is not out of the woods yet. His conservative vision for France can only succeed if the conservatives win the upcoming general election. If not then France will be like America with a conservative president and a liberal congress.

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