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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Headlines for Wednesday 5/23/2007

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Man Brandishing Torch Robs Alaska Bank
Gets away with cold cash

Pittsburgh Man Accused Of Mailing Kitten Head To Ex-Girlfriend Ordered To Stand Trial
Man swears ex needed head for Hello Kitty collection

Dog With College Degree Called To Court
Dog and prosecutor settle on a flea bargain

Teens Accused Of Making Ostrich Impotent
Because sticking your head in the ground alone wouldn't do it

Queen Tours Goddard Space Flight Center
80's Mega band hopes to catch a glimpse of Mercury

Dem Leaders Brief Party on New Iraq Plan
New Democratic direction in Iraq policy is to RUN then CUT

Ex-Coke Secretary Sentenced to 8 Years
A slap on the wrist for her involvement with "New Coke"

Wild Turkey Injures School Bus Driver
"No officer I wasn't drinking bourbon, a real wild turkey attacked me!"

Gene Therapy Used to Cure Mice Blindness
Still no way to heal tail damage from carving knife incident

U.N. Seeks Bird Flu Vaccine for Poor
Millions of shots set aside for indigent bird populations

Female Sharks Fertilize Own Eggs
Depressed male sharks start dating dolphins

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