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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #65

Thursday Thirteen #65

13 Things About Dane Bramage
13 Favorite Bond Films

I love a good James Bond flick. And there have been many. This is a list of my favorite 13 Bond films. If you click the poster you can go to the IMDB.COM site page for the movie.

  1. Dr. No The first Bond ever. Sean Connery begins defining the role. Plus there's Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder

  2. Goldfinger A classic Bond and did any Bond girl have as provocative a name as Honor Blackman's Pussy Galore?

  3. On Her Majesty's Secret Service Connery held out and George Lazenby steps in as Bond (once). Many people hated this film. I liked it. Especially Diana Rigg who becomes Mrs. James Bond very briefly.

  4. Thunderball This Connery flick had a working title of "Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and Dionne Warwick even recorded the theme song. It was later changed to Thunderball and a new theme recorded.

  5. Diamonds Are Forever The last Connery Bond Film (Not counting Never Say Never Again) and my favorite of his.

  6. Live And Let Die Roger Moore is my least favorite Bond. But I really liked this, his first film. David Hedison plays Felix Leiter and is the only actor to ever reprise the role. (Felix got married in "License to Kill" to that Three's Company gal.) And I think the theme song to this film was the biggest commercial hit of any Bond Theme.

  7. The Man With The Golden Gun I liked this film because one of my favorite actors was in it. No, not Herve "Tatoo" Villechaize, although he was in it. I am referring to Christopher Lee. Master of the Hammer Horror and who had to be the tallest whitest Fu Manchu ever filmed. People may not recognize the name Scaramanga; assassin with three nipples, but they know Count Dooku, Saruman and Dr. Wonka.

  8. The Living Daylights I am torn between Sean Connery and Timothy Dalton as to who is the better Bond. I liked this film not only because of Dalton but because of the scope. I think Bond hit all seven continents in this one.

  9. Licence To Kill In my opinion, the greatest Bond film ever. I loved seeing Bond on a personal mission and it was cool seeing Q in the field. I even loved the theme song by Gladys Knight. I am so disappointed that Dalton never made another Bond film after this.

  10. Goldeneye I waited for this film a very long time. Before Dalton became Bond, Pierce Brosnan was supposed to be Bond. However at the time, Brosnan was under contract with NBC (Remington Steele) and they wouldn't release him even though they had canceled the show. I guess it worked out for him though. He may have only done two films before the franchise got tied up in legal red tape after Fleming's death. The film was good but Brosnan's run overall was a little disappointing.

  11. The World Is Not Enough Perhaps my favorite Brosnan Bond film. Oh and I loved the theme song which put me onto Garbage.

  12. Die Another Day Can any film go wrong with a scantily clad Halle Berry? Otherwise I thought the film was a little over the top with it's gadgetry. It was more Sci-Fi than Spy-Fi.

  13. Casino Royale We have come full circle. A new Bond in Daniel Craig and a new Bond in the sense that this film is his first mission. Craig has the charm of Connery and the grit of Dalton. I can't wait to see where he takes the franchise.

Let's see, 1962 to 2006. That's 44 years of Bond films. Almost half a century. Who's your favorite Bond? What's your favorite Bond film? Tell us in the comments

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pussreboots said...

My favorite is View to a Kill because it was the first one I ever saw. Happy TT.

Malcolm said...

Sean Connery is my favorite Bond. As for favorite film, it's probably "Goldfinger" or "Diamonds Are Forever". I don't know about worldwide, but "A View To A Kill" by Duran Duran was the biggest Bond theme in the U.S. (the only one to hit #1 on the Billboard Pop Singles chart).

Anonymous said...

My faves were Goldfinger and You Only Live Twice.

Dane Bramage said...

Thanks Malcolm, I was confused. I think more of Moore's films had hit themes that I remember than any other Bond. With Sheena Easton, Carly Simon, Duran Duran and Paul MacCartney all having hits it easy to slip up. Not that the like of Tom Jones and Shirely Bassey are light weights.

Nicholas I had to think hard between Thunderball and You Only Live Twice.

Anonymous said...

Live and Let Die for the win!!!

Darla said...

Roger Moore was my first Bond, so I like him. Timothy Dalton, however, I wasn't fond of--different strokes. I do really like Daniel Craig.

Unknown said...

Sean connery will always be my "Bond" that cannot change. First it was my father, now it is hubby...I must like Bond or suffer. The new guy is good too.
Great T13, mine is up.

Di said...

The only one I distinctly remember seeing is Moonraker. I saw it at the drive-in with my old boyfriend, so, yeah, I don't necessarily remember the whole movie!

Eve said...

I'm not a Bond fan. I've only seen 3 or 4 of the movies and then because I was in a situation where watching was the only option. I prefer Roger Moore to Sean Connery and have never seen any of the others. You have my permission to pity me my lack of cultural exposure. lol

Danielle said...

I think I've seen most of these and don't like any of them LOL

I could never get into Bond. And Mission Impossible isn't much better. I would rather watch a cartoon if everything's going to be that unbelievable ;-)

Karla Porter Archer said...

I've always liked Sean Connery. But I do like the newer Bond films as well.

Haven't seen Casino Royale though.

Happy T13

Cindy Swanson said...

You're not going to believe this, Dane, but I have never seen an entire Bond film!

One of my co-workers is a huge Bond fan, and Sean Connery is far and away his favorite. Roger Moore is his least favorite.

Have I told you that I love your new format? Also, the option to comment on blogger? Both are much easier on my middle-aged eyes.

Cinnamon Girl said...

So far I am liking Craig, but Connery is the Ultimate Bond in my book.

Anonymous said...

Connery will always be my favorite.

Thanks for stopping by last week. This week I have a reverse psychology edition posted.