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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

30 Days Favors Baby Killers

This is a looooong rant.
The cable channel FX has a show called 30 Days where the host or some designated person spends 30 Days in “someone else’s life”. I had heard about it but I don’t have time to watch TV so I never saw any of the episodes. There were five and the sixth and season finale airs tomorrow.

Last Wednesday night after church, I walk into the living room and the kids are all asleep. Their mom (my niece) had to run an errand so I sit and watch over the kids. The TV was on FX. Whatever my niece was watching had gone off and this 30 Days show comes on. Episode 5: Abortion was about a young woman, Jennifer who had an abortion and now works part time at Woman’s Health Clinic as an administrative assistant and counselor (read “recommends abortions”) She flies off to Long Beach, California to spend 30 days at “His Nesting Place”, a Christian pro-life maternity home, started and run by Pastor AL Howard and his wife. Her mission was to work in the home and participate in pro-life protests and activities. This Jennifer creature is staunchly Pro-abortion and I don’t think she was ever going to give pro-life a serious chance. Her personal agenda was one of infiltration and conversion, not of Pastor Al but of the mothers that were there. This agenda was documented by the show but not promoted as such.

Okay I am hooked. I had planned to turn the channel or turn the TV off altogether but I wanted to see how this went. I honestly thought that maybe this Jennifer would see the light (the eternal optimist in me.) Boy was I suckered. Jennifer and Pastor Al did not hit it off although they both were cordial and courteous. Mrs. Howard was very tolerant of Jennifer but her presence taxed the Howards. Jennifer did not live up to her promise either. When they went to minister in front of the abortion clinic, she wore a pro-choice tee shirt and refused to pass out literature which only said that there were alternatives to abortion. The extent of this pro-life “protest” was a soft spoken pastor and his wife handing out pamphlets. Apparently the shows producer didn’t think this was graphic enough. So they had Jennifer and one of the moms from the home attend a membership drive of the Survivors, a pro-life organization that protests abortions. They recruit people born after Roe v Wade as they are the survivors of the “American Holocaust”. The speaker made an interesting point if true, a third of that generation has perished because of abortion. They cut to the planned protest where Jennifer shows up but does not participate on the pro-life side. This group was I little more visible than a kindly old man and his wife. But still all they did was hand out pamphlets and try to convince women, couples, anyone who may have been heading to the clinic, to not kill an unborn child. Jennifer had to get in the leader’s face and tell him how wrong he was for being so confrontational. When the man tried to reason with her, she started spouting liberal pro-abortion drivel. You know, It’s not a baby it’s a fetus so it’s not murder, a woman has control of her body, rape and incest yadda yadda yadda. And she was smooth. Obviously she is very use to and very comfortable with convincing people that abortion is just a medical procedure that every woman has a right to have. Her biggest concern was the hypocrisy of the left. She says we want all these babies to live but we don't offer any "plan" or "programs" to deal with the huge flood of unwanted babies. Like if someone could take care of all these kids then she would be the first to say goodbye to abortion. Obviously the purpose of her being at His Nesting Place had completely eluded her. More below the fold.

Throughout the show however; the producers thought it necessary to point out the shift towards conservatism in the country and how many states were restricting access to abortions. They even said that some states were trying to ban abortions altogether to get the Supreme Court to revisit Roe v. Wade. And they said it like it was a bad thing. Missouri has pending legislation that would ban abortion. So they talked to the head of NARAL and all the pro-choice legislators and people on the street they could find. The show represented right wing politicians as opportunists riding the wave of conservatism. The show then displayed cartoons showing that while people think there should be fewer abortions, they made a big point to note that the vast majority of people think that abortion should be allowed in the first trimester. But the number drops off significantly after that.

So to help their agenda they show the couple from Indiana whose teenage daughter died. Indiana has a parental notification law for underage seekers of abortion. The Mom calls it the murdering law. You see the poor girl got pregnant and wanted an abortion. Apparently she didn’t want her folks to know but lacked the funds to go to Kentucky or Ohio to have her baby killed. So she had a “back alley” abortion. Infections and complications resulted and she died. The doctor at the hospital marched in and declared “Your daughter died of an illegal botched abortion!” Wow. Let me just say that I feel for the parents. No one should have to bury a child. BUT WHAT IN THE HELL WAS WRONG WITH THOSE PEOPLE? Their daughter was so afraid to talk to them that she opted for a back alley procedure? And THEY BLAME PRO-LIFERS for parental notification laws in their state? The dad said “If she didn’t have to go 105 files to get an abortion, she’d be alive today”. SHE DIDN’T HAVE TO GO ANYWHERE YOU NIMROD! SHE JUST HAD TO TELL YOU!!!! And for whatever reason she didn’t want to do that. And it cost her her life. Strange how your think a teenager has to have your permission to get a license to drive a car but thinks its wrong if she needs to tell you she is undergoing a medical procedure to have the living human being ripped out of her. Of course the shows producers didn’t make these points.

The show went further down hill from there. They showed high security abortion clinic that had been fire-bombed and the operators kidnapped. They showed pro-abortion legislators describing abortion restrictions as “steps backward” and “anti-woman”. The only time when the pro-life view was given equal time was when Pastor Al took Jenn to see his friend. They tried to explain that life begins at conception and she blew them off with “liberal churches don’t interpret it that way”. Their explanation that liberal churches aren’t Biblical went in one ear and out the other. But whenever Jenn got the oppurtunity she tried to convince the mothers that there was nothing wrong with pro-choice. In one scene she is alone with a mom (alone as in a room with the mom and the camera crew). The woman tells Jenn outright that she does not think it is right to have an abortion (carefuly stated not to mention killing babies) and Jenn wrangles with her verbally until she says that while she personally would never have an abortion, she can not speak for other woman. Jenn calls her Pro-choice and declares victory.

So after Jenn’s 30 days are up she has a tearful goodbye. She claims she bonded with the mothers and children and will miss them. No one’s mind was changed. FX spent an hour under the guise of open mindedness to promote their anti-Christian, pro-abortion agenda. Tomorrow’s season finale has the host spending 30 days in jail. The trailer made it seem like he was going to have a rough time of it, the loneliness of being lock up and all. How lonely could he be? He had the frickin’ film crew in there shooting everything he did. I went to the website and previous episodes dealt with outsourcing, atheism, Islam, and immigration. I wonder if those were as far left as “abortion”.

Sorry for the length but moonbats who pass off their agenda as “open minded Television” really push my buttons. Stay away from FX. Discovery Channel has much better programming with “Dirty Jobs” and “Mythbusters”!

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