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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Headlines For Wednesday 8-23-2006

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Watching TV May Cut Kids' Pain
"Mommy I have a boo-boo"
"Take two Spongebobs and call me in the morning"

Manilow Having Hip Surgery
But singer won't be any hipper after operation

AIDS attention turns to prevention
However some plan to continue their current tactic of whining, crying, accusing and demanding that somebody cure them

Calif. woman sues over mannequin attack
A Tale of Two Dummies

Two starved to death in epic sea voyage
Survivors describe the two as sweet, *burp* , tender individuals

Woman Accused of Girdle Heroin Smuggling
Police baffled why anyone would smuggle in girdles hidden in Heroin

Two starved to death in epic sea voyage
Survivors complained of having to eat Mexican for remainder of trip

Is Pluto Really a Planet?
Pluto: "I've lived decades as a planet but secretly I've always known I was a Kuiper Belt Object."

Experts: Snail Venom May Have Benefits
It certainly serves the snail as it chases down its prey and injects the venom through huge fangs... wait snail venom?

British Channel Bans Smoking Cartoons
Insist people smoke traditional objects like cigars and cigarettes instead

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