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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #7

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13 Things about Dane Bramage

My T13 custom logo is from a photo I took at Gen Con of a very special form of chess. A little more mainstream than the thirteen toes logo I did two weeks ago.

Well I think you have gotten an idea about how I think and some of my interests. I thought I would give you the History of Dane Bramage through 13 States I have visited. Now I have been through many more than 13 but this list is those states that I spent at least 24 hours in.

  1. Pennsylvania: I went to school at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh for a year and a half. A few years later I lived in the Poconos in Stroudsburg while working in East Stroudsburg. The parent company I worked for was headquartered in Canton Ohio, and I was transferred to the East Stroudsburg plant after only a month. East Stroudsburg is also home to the Frank Frazetta Museum.
  2. Michigan: I have Family in Detroit and I have been to Novi for HP training as well as local gaming conventions. I attended church in Temperance once too.
  3. Illinois: Mostly passing through Illinois on my way to other places, I did stop once to enjoy the Battletech center when it was in Chicago. I forgot to mention I also stopped for famous Deep Dish Pizza!
  4. Georgia:I've been to Atlanta a couple of times, I have family there. I really like Atlanta and hope to get back there Someday.
  5. Oklahoma: I got to meet many a proud Okie from Muskogee. The company I used to work for had a plant in Muskogee and I made a couple of week long business trips there.
  6. California: The last place the old company had a plant was Califonia. I'd fly into Fresno, stay in Madera, and work in Chowchilla. At one time my brother and one of my sisters lived in California. My brother's kids still live there with his ex. My aunt lives there and my mom bounced back and forth between California and Ohio since I was in high school. The last place was San Diego and I really enjoyed that city. I would hop down the coast when working in Chowchilla to see the family. Now I hop around the corner.

  7. The rest of the list is below the fold. Go to the end of the post and click "We want to read more!"

  8. New Jersey: On our way back from Atlanta, my brother and I came through Trenton. We weren't lost, he has family there and we were road trippin'. One of the best times of my life.
  9. West Virginia: Drove to Wheeling for a small gaming convention, me and about 8 of my closest friends. Good times, good times.
  10. Florida:I have been to Ponte Vedra and St. Petersburg on business trips. I had stayed in luxurious golf resorts so I wouldn't know the surrounding communities at all. The weather was excellant.
  11. Texas:Fort Worth Texas was hot. I went there to attend Origins. This was before Origins found a permanent home just 100 miles southwest of me.
  12. Indiana: I just got back from Gen Con in Indianapolis. This was the fourth year I have been there. It's kind of like my home town only with twice as many people. I've also work a week in Evansville, which is very much like home only with half as many people. An interesting thing I've noticed about entering Indiana on I-70; a million billboards about RVs and antiques. (This is better than entering Wisconsin on I-94. See below.)
  13. Wisconsin: I've attended Gen Con in Milwaukee since 1985. A very nice town but it rolls up the sidewalks downtown really early. I have a horror story about my car breaking down in Kenosha. What's up with the naming the streets? Here in Akron we started numbering the streets. I think they stopped at 7th avenue. Kenosha not only has a 7th Ave., it has a 7th street, and a 80th street and 80th ave, etc.. The streets run one direction and the avenues run perpendicular to them. I was so confused. An interesting thing I've noticed about entering Wisconsin on I-94; a million billboards about cheese and porn.
  14. Louisiana:In 1988 me and nine other guys and two pregnant girls drove to New Orleans. The event was World Con(NOLACON) and we went to work the con. We got free rooms out of it. (If you call cramming 12 bodies into one hotel room free.) I walked down Bourbon St. I saw the clubs and bars, most with naked women. I saw the open doors where they sold booze to pedestrians on the street. As an impressionable man in my twenties I was impressed, albeit with the wrong things. When Katrina struck and I was in Christ and in my forties, I really thought that the government should not rebuild it. The residents are more than welcome to but not with my tax dollars. Interestingly I will be returning to the Big Easy this November for a business conference. It was scheduled for last year an rescheduled for obvious reasons.

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