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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Church And State: Top Seven Myths of Homosexuality

Move over Mythbusters. As much as I enjoyed the whole "man strapped rockets to his chair" and the "Archimedes Death Ray Compitition", Adam and Jamie have nothing on Nathan Bradfield. Nathan blogs at Church and State and has a post on Top Seven Myths of Homosexuality. You know like "People are born gay" and "Ten percent of the population is homosexual" and other agenda based lies. Nathan notes:
Myth #6: The Bible doesn't Condemn Homosexuality--Only Promiscuity.

In recent years, several mainline denominations have abandoned traditional interpretations of Scripture and have embraced the "Gay-Christian" movement. Similarly, people claim that Paul's statements were only addressed to believers back then and are not relevant today. But God's Word - which is unchanging and stands forever - gives us a different story.

Fact: God clearly condemns any sexual act outside of heterosexual marriage.
He has facts and scripture to debunk these myths.

Alas the liberal crowd ain't buying it as evidenced in his comments. Be sure to check them out too. Nathan does a good job dealing with them.

HT:DL Foster at Perspectives in Motion who introduced me to the term webmonkeys. Thanks DL.

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