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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More Movies That You'll Never See

This overwhelmingly popular feature is back. And by overwhelmingly popular I mean 3 comments. With such encouragement how could I not torture bless you with even more?

Again what I have done is researched (as much as is humanly possible from a chair in front of a computer) into what blockbuster sequels were planned and possibly made but will never be seen. Here are some I found:

Ben Affleck returns as Matt Murdock. He becomes the lawyer for the ruthless Miranda Priestly:
Daredevil Wears Prada

After losing an important race, Lightning McQueen starts hanging out in sleazy garages wanting quick meaningless tune ups:
Cars 2: Looking for Mr. Goodwrench

Denzel Washington reprises his epic role, this time he tries to enlist mutants into his civil rights cause:
Malcolm X3: Last Stand

The Rock is back. He returns from being cursed to wipe out all drug Lords and give their profits to NYC's poor and needy:
The Scorpion King of New York

Bruce Wayne flies to St. Lucia and Martinique and falls victim to the rhythm of a vigorous popular dance:
Batman Beguines

Damien opens a school for cursed youngsters and uses their demonic powers to fight for Damnedkind:
The O-Men

Robin Williams exacts revenge from all who ruined his family road trip vacation:
RV for Vendetta

As always, if you have a "movie that you'll never see" leave it in the comments. Be sure to check your locals listings! For all the good it will do you ! MMWWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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