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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #6

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen #6

Random Yak had a list of true events that could have been used as an excuse. I told him I would steal his idea and use a variation of it. I am nothing if not true to my word. In honor of the fact that I am currently at Gen Con, I thought I would give you some insight on the personality of a gamer. So here are 13 ready made excuses that a typical gamer might use

  1. I failed my saving throw
  2. My balrog ate it
  3. A rigger jacked my car
  4. I didn't have the right spell components
  5. I was sitting when some stinkin' Nosferatu walked up, grabbed it and obfuscated away
  6. My wookie ate it
  7. A decker jacked my laptop
  8. My LARP group meets that night
  9. It was destroyed in a tragic light saber mishap
  10. Somebody hijacked the Astral Plane
  11. I mistakenly put it in a bag of devouring instead of a bag of holding
  12. I made a mistake on my teleport without error spell
  13. I traded it for a rare and two uncommons

If they made no sense to you, don't worry. Gamers have a language and culture all their own.
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