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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Headlines for Wednesday 08-16-06

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Elvis Fans Mark Anniversary of Death
Flags were at half mast at 7-11s everywhere

Couric says viewers want hourlong news
Viewers will be disappointed when she delivers the same old crap she always has

Man drinks potion for good luck: doesn't get any
The bars are full of guys who drink and don't get any

Discovery Hints at a quadrillion space rocks beyond Neptune
Number is a rough estimate. They've only actually counted 370

Iraqi War Vets Face Mental Challenges

Access to new HIV prevention methods lacking
And yet the primary and best prevention method, abstinence, goes unused.

Jumping sturgeon knocks man unconscious
He just eel'd over; kelpless. (Thanks Kip!)

Raising Superkids? Parents Show Stress
Lois Lane asks Ma and Pa Kent for advice

Online dating is planned for orangutans
Service will fail when couples meet and find they lied about themselves in their profiles

$300,000 award against Starbucks found excessive
God forbid they have to start charging $5.00 for a cup of coffee

Woman Arrested in Ga. McDonald's Case
She was McRaigned in McCourt before the McJudge

Cyclists beware: inflamed bladders ahead
I want to see that on a road sign.

Congressman delivers his own son
Democrats quickly denounce move as plot to idle hospital workers

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