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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Obama and Clinton Join Forces For Good of Party

Couple to Divorce Current Spouses and Marry Before Democratic Convention

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While this has been a crazy race for the democratic nomination, no one from either the Obama camp or the Clinton side could have predicted this move. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are engaged to be married.

"No one can deny the power of Jungle fever. I have had feelings for Hill for a long time" Obama said. "But let's not forget the real significance of this move. I promised to unite our party and heal the wounds and I don't think anyone will argue that the Democrats won't be divided after this!"

"I can hardly wait to join with someone as big as Obama. I have a feeling that he will be a bigger President than my soon to be ex-husband" Hillary said to reporters. "I don't think there will be those embarrassing fidelity issues either. And once you go Barack, you never go back. No one can deny his prowess."

Both soon to be ex-spouses said they were okay with the move. The good of the party being more important that individual considerations. Michele Obama says "I've never been prouder of my party! I think Hillary will make a good second First Lady or President however they decide to work that out". Bill Clinton is also excited and plans to be part of the wedding ceremony. "I can't wait to give Hillary away!" exclaimed Bubba.

Married, they will essentially be one candidate and together they hope to stop all the in-fighting and division. No one is sure who will be President and who will be First Spouse or what confusion will ensue if one is President and the other Vice President. All that is known for sure is that the Democrats will be unified

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