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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #75

Thursday Thirteen #75

13 Things About Dane Bramage
3rd Blogoversary Edition
13 Favorite Thursday Thirteens From Last Year

Sunday marked the third blogoversary of Dane Bramage. Over the past year I participated in 38 (of a possible 52) Thursday Thirteens. That is very significant because it means that instead of new material for this week I can just link back to some of my old T13! The links will open in another window if you click on them. Some of the pre Template change posts may be difficult to read because the text colors chosen looked better against a black background than the current blue one.

  1. #43 13 Bumper Stickers Not your ordinary "My kid blah blah blah" type, but bumper stickers that have meaning like "I didn't fight my way to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian"

  2. #55 13 TV Theme Songs And you can listen to them too!

  3. #50 13 Tortures for Woman Whom I've Dated Because I'm NOT Bitter I think the title says it all.

  4. #41 13 Demotivational Posters Links to and their great line of demotivational posters

  5. #40 13 Classy Insults You won't find "Up your nose with a rubber hose" on this list.

  6. #36 13 Things about Scott Murray's Book Trucker's Tales Friend, confidant, tattooed zipper headed mad man. Those describe my good friend Scott who wrote and published a book about life as a trucker.

  7. #42 13 Point Comparison of Colorado and Ohio The aforementioned Scott wrote this comparison of his state and mine. I supplied the editorial comments because, well that's what I do.

  8. #58 13 Things About Feet A topic near to my legs. Reported to be one of Quentin Tarantino's favorite posts.

  9. #69 13 TV Shows I would Like to Be a Character On A fantasy piece where I explore 13 TV shows that I could see myself as a character on.

  10. #65 13 Favorite Bond Films A list that spans four decades!

  11. #52 13 Comic Books That Became Movies There are a lot more than you think and I even had to leave many off the list!

  12. #64 13 Quips Heard During Colonoscopies More help from my friend Scott.

  13. #51 13 Questions and Answers from the Old Hollywood Squares Show ROFL down memory lane as we revisit some classic moments from Hollywood Squares

So there you have it. Another year of T13 to look forward to after looking back at some of my favorite moments.

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Anonymous said...

I loved this list. it will give me reading material for the week. I confess--I already took a peek at the colonoscopy quips--my DH will love those!

Unknown said...

What a great idea. I might have to steal it. Happy T13!

Lisa said...

Thanks, since I missed some of those at their original postings, I can go back and enjoy them now!

Happy TT

Lori said...

Great list....Ive done 57 in over a year. Sometimes, I hate my addictions;) Happy TT.

pussreboots said...

Happy anniversary. Happy TT.

Cynthia said...

Wow, cool for you! Way to participate:)

Chelle Y. said...

I liked your 13 T.V. Theme Songs. I'll have to check this again when I have TT block!

Happy Anniversary!

Unknown said...

love the bumper stickers..You rock and so does your blog!!!!
Mines up as well!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 3 years!

Anonymous said...

I just visualized 13 Colonoscopies at one quip each. Shudder.

Denise Patrick said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I particularly liked the Hollywood Squares TT.

Happy TT!

Eve said...

I love this list. I've just spent a large part of my day reading your 13 13's. I especially appreciated the Hollywood Squares list. It was always one of my favorites! I'm going to have to get a copy of Scott's book. My hubby was a trucker for 30 years (probably more) and I used to travel with him as often as possible. It's a different life and lends itself to some good stories.

Cindy Swanson said...

Well, happy bloggiversary, Dane! I'm coming back to this when I can read it at leisure, because I have a feeling they're going to be VERY entertaining! :)

Betty said...

I enjoyed reading your TT and appreciate you visiting me today.

Bethanne said...

omgosh. I just got got...and i've been here for some time because my son distracted me with wanting a drink in his truck cup... Dane Bramage. Ha.

Becki said...

Excellent list! Happy Blogoversary!

Cinnamon Girl said...

Happy Blogoversary! And good list of your TTs. I love the insults one.

Anonymous said...

What a great list, I'll have to come back later when I have time to read all the individual posts that make up this 13. Thanks for stopping by and happy TT!

Lori Watson said...

Okay, I just spent the last five minutes laughing at my cpu. Thanks for the hilarity!

And I definetly plan to steal some of these ideas. The demotivational poster one I had already thought of, but the tv show I'd like to be on idea is a new one on me but sounds like tons of fun.

Happy TT Anniversary!

Melanie said...

This is great! I am almost always at a loss for what I should post for my TT. I'm quite sure I'll be stealing some of your ideas.

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