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Friday, April 18, 2008

So Why Is He Meeting With Terrorists Again?

Carter-Hamas Meeting Comes on 25th Anniversary of Deadly Terror Attack
So Governor Carter is at it again. (If you're a liberal and just took offense at me referring to James Earl as Governor, instead of Former President, you should learn the proper forms of address for EX-presidents.)  Yet against the wishes of the state department and members of congress Carter met with Hamas chief Khaled Meshal.
The U.S. State Department twice advised Carter against meeting Hamas leaders before he left on his Mideast trip earlier this week. More than 50 members of Congress also urged Carter not to meet Meshal, saying it would confer legitimacy on the group behind some 250 homicide bombings that have killed numerous Israelis.

Hamas officials say the meetings have lent their group legitimacy which means JEC is successfully undermining our efforts against Hamas and terrorism. Why? What does he think he is doing?  Well according to him he is laying the groundwork for Israeli-Palestinian peace. I guess memories of his Nobel Prize have lulled him into a sense of adequacy.  No one but Carter will talk to Hamas so how then does he think he will usher in this great dialog? The man is so full of himself it makes me ill.

On a cultural note I did write a Haiku about him for Haiku Friday on my other blog.

Jimmy E. Carter
The worst President ever
Please just go away.

I also have Haikus about Albert Gore, Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle Obama. Man I was really getting my poem on!
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