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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Death Games of Gaza Children

Those of us old enough to have been kids in the pre-PC America remember playing cowboys and indians. The object if you were a cowboy and ths a good guy was to kill the indians who were the bad guys. Well MEMRI has a news clip MEMRI TV: "700 - The Death Games of Gaza Children" It shows the Gaza children playing :Arabs and Jews (video link)" The objective here is to shoot Jews and die for Allah. The transcript reads :
Reporter: Abd Al-Sattar's favorite game is "Jews and Arabs."
Boy: The Arabs are in the street. The Jews stand over there and we shoot at them, and throw rocks and grenades at them.
Reporter: To win the game, the player must die.
Boy: Burn the tank!
Boy: Martyrdom for the sake of Allah is our greatest desire. Oh God! Don't be afraid because fear hurts me. Don't be sad because sadness frightens me. Don't scream because screams kills me.
"Injured" boy: Shoot at them. Shoot at them!
Boy: We are all dead, mother, but don't be sad. Mother, rejoice! Rejoice that I died a martyr's death for the sake of Allah.
Reporter: Do you like the Jews, Aya? Look at her. Do you like the Jews?
Aya: No.
Reporter: Why?
Aya: They are sons of dogs.
Mother: Sons of dogs.
Reporter: Have you ever seen any Jews?
Aya: Yes, I have.
Reporter: Where?
Aya: On TV.
Reporter: On TV?
Aya: They wear helmets like yours. Like this. They put it on like this. They wear ones like these… They hold the Kalashnikov. They come in a tank, and shoot.
Is there any wonder thre is no peace in the middle East?
Hat Tip to Stefania at Free Thoughts

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