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Friday, June 03, 2005

Laffin at the Left:No Laffing Matter: The ACLU Attack On Common Sense

If you are like me, meaning you stand erect and are capable of intelligent thought, then you have heard of the ACLU. If you are reading this on my blog then chances are our opinions of said [sarcasm]august organization[/sarcasm] are probably similar. But rather than launch into full rant mode I will direct you instead to The Capitalist's blog, Laffin at the Left.
He has an excellant post No Laffing Matter: The ACLU Attack On Common Sense. He has been to the ACLU website and made some very astute observations on some of their beliefs. He says;
If you browse through the list of issues on their website, the first item is criminal justice. Now, I'm all for criminal justice, but that's about as far as my agreement with the ACLU goes on this point. Their idea of criminal justice involves some sort of race quota in the prison population. Their view is that every race should be represented in prison based on that race's percentage of the population. My view is if a criminal is guilty, then lock him or her up. In short, I'm for a truly blind criminal justice system.

The Capitalist is a great writer and I like his stlye. And it doesn't hurt that we are like-minded individuals. He also talks about and their official blog. They have a weekly blogburst and a blogroll. An American Housewife participates in the STACLU blogburst. Check her out (like I've said before) and visit Laffin at the Left (like I've said before) and get out there and STOP THE ACLU.

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