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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Headlines for Wednesday 6/8/2005

And now the Bramage Report:
IBM links with Swiss team to build model of brain
Raises hope that every Democrat will finally get a working model

UN asked to ban fishing practice, save sea turtle
Environmentalist OK with starving humans and killing industry

World marks green day; big city mayors sign pacts
Mayors vow never to let liberal wimp band in their cities again

Villagers evacuated near Mexico's 'Fire Volcano'
Villagers then cleaned themselves up and got the heck out of the area

Dolphin moms teach daughters how to use tools
Then moms teach daughters how to shop at malls and go to bathrooms in groups

The News Media Is Still Recovering From Watergate
Stiffled by a crippling inability to get over itself

'New AIDS' spreading among homosexual men
Believed it will catch on much better than 'New Coke' did

Man Delivers Pizza After Being Shot in Leg
Customer recieved Pizza in under 30 minutes with extra sauce

Online gamer gets life for cyber-sabre stabbing
Virtual incarceration to begin after downloading prison program

Brad Pitt Gives a Glimpse Into His Future
Sees many alimony payments

Genes May Play Role in Women's Orgasms
The lack of jeans is a bigger contributor

Apartment full of desiccated corpses
Hilary has Pampered Chef party for Pelosi and Boxer

Stormy romance brings baby boom
Exploding babies recruited by insurgents

Bear Attacks Dog Inside Virginia House
Virginia representatives immediately draft Canine - Ursine bill banning animal violence in the capitol

The Advertising Behind Male Enhancement Pills
Obviously the competition is stiff if not the customers

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