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Friday, June 24, 2005

Moonbat Zapper

The Question: How should the White House respond to incredibly stupid accusations at press conferences?

The Solution: Is quite elegant in its simplicity. The first step is to redecorate the press room. Install electric chairs. Make sure they are comfortable! The next step is to strap everyone from the press into a chair. From this point on the press conference can proceed normally. Honest, even challenging questions can be asked and answered. However; the moment some moonbat equates eating Orange Glazed Chicken to Death camps; ZZZZZOT! When the smoke clears, allow the moonbat (if able) to rephrase their question. If they stick to their original lunacy, apply another jolt. Continue until the offender learns how to ask proper questions or has to be removed with a Dust Buster. This has the double effect of training the press corps in the proper ways to address issues facing our nation and weeding out those whose only agenda is to tear down Bush and the administration.

With minor modifications I think this system can be applied to Congress. Make the speaker stand on a grid. Whenever he or she;
  • Makes a treasonous remark
  • Spouts some groundless accusation against the President, or the administration
  • Calls for some money-wasting, time-wasting investigation into a non-issue
  • Wastes time making a non-apology
  • Demoralizes our troops and gives aid and comfort to the enemy

ZZZZZZOT! Apply until they stop twitching.

That's my two cents and this has been a Precision Guided Humor Assignment.

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