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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Where Are We Going and Why Are We in This Hand basket Part III

I found this article and it really made me mad. Bodies of Four Infants Found in Austria details the actions of a woman who murdered her four babies over the course of at least three years. Her reason, she was afraid that she couldn't care for the children AND she was afraid that a child would drive away her male companion of eight years. The autopsy wasn't complete but initial evidence suggests all the babies were born alive and then killed. Deep thinkers in the psychobabble community had these comments;
"Various reasons can lead women into such violent situations that they can't even think straight," said Dr. Roswith Roth of the University of Graz's Institute of Psychology.

"When a mother kills a child right after its birth, it's clear that she does so because she sees no other way out," Roth told the Austria Press Agency. "There is still an enormous amount of ignorance in how to prevent such things."
"The climate in which a woman must deal with an unplanned pregnancy is not very supportive in Austria," said Sylvia Groth, who heads a women's health center in Graz.

So I guess society is to blame. If only Austria culture was more supportive of women who suddenly find themselves a victim of an unplanned pregnancy! After all the woman in question had no hand it their own situation. Bull.
This nut case performed an abortion on her unwanted pregnancies after the children were born. We call it murder. The Austria police are treating it as such but the liberals are blaming society and making it out as if this woman just didn't get to the clinic in time to have it done in an acceptable time frame. The sad thing is she didn't have to kill them at all.
Although the province of Styria where Graz is regional capital has had a program in place since 2001 allowing women who don't want to keep their babies to give birth anonymously, women's advocates called for greater attention to their plight.

She didn't want to raise them and she didn't want to lose her man. The man by the way, claims he never knew anything about the pregnancies or the murders. Makes you wonder just how close they really are. And it makes you wonder if he will wait for her to get out of prison.

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