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"Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?" (Psalm 85:6)

Monday, June 20, 2005

Headlines for Monday 6/20/2005

Whaling meeting 'may relax rules'
Attendees urged to dress business casual

Jackson prosecutor 'had vendetta'
Obviously no right thinking man would want to put a child molesting pervert in jail for any other reason

Vote-Rigging Feared in Iran Election
Washington state Democrats called in to investigate. Found no evidence of wrong doing.

Man who fled skinny-dipping arrest in golf cart sentenced
Will do community service after being treated for bad case of Golf Balls

Hollywood Slow Despite $47M 'Batman' Debut
Hollywood to ride the short bus for rich retards

Bush Remarks May Have Spurred Iran Voters
Bush is so good he furthers democracy without even trying

Runaway Bride, Hero Hostage to 'Tell-All'
New book "Milking my 15 Minutes" to hit shelves this week

FDA: Some Guidant Defibrillators Recalled
This came as no shock to some

Ochoa triumphs with birdie binge
Later contracts bad case of Cherpes
Moehawk? I have not yet begun to pun!

King Tut is back in the US to wow audiences
Lots of new Tut merchandise in gift Cheops
Somebody stop me!

Sunshine May Provide Prostate Protection
Exposure to the sun has made a vas deferens
Oh that was three in a row. Who is the King of puns now?

And as always there is more headliney goodness to be had from The Capitalist. basil, moehawk and Moes'

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