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Monday, August 15, 2005

Cutting Edge Of Ecstasy: Confused Sheep And The Confused People Who Study Them

BlogMap is a neat little tool. If you noticed it in the sidebar it says there are 43 (at the time of this post) blogs in the area. It also created a blogroll of RSS feeds for them which is easily imported into any RSS Reader. One blog here in my hometown of Akron is Cutting Edge of Ectasy. Mark had a post on a study of gay sheep. Confused Sheep And The Confused People Who Study Them is very good. He says this about the study
Breeders used to have a simple and effective solution - kill the homosexual animals. They're useless for breeding. But now 'researchers' get government grants to find out why some rams ram rams.

Breeders also used to understand something everyone else knows - people and sheep are different. Sheep are incredibly stupid animals. When 450 sheep recently jumped to their deaths, nobody conducted a study to find the biological cause. No one got 'research' grants to try to explain human suicides. Why not? Simple.

They're frigging sheep.
Besides being a waste of taxpayers dollars, there is an agenda behind it. Mark points out that studies of homosexual behavior in animals has been used to strike down anti-sodemy laws. Check out the whole thing.

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