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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Rice: "Stop Making Excuses for the Terrorists"

There is a very good reason why I would not hesitate to make Dr. Condolezza Rice Mrs. Dane Bramage. Her no-nonsense approach to terrorism. In Rice Urges World to Stop Making Excuses for Terrorists she says very succinctly:
"When are we going to stop making excuses for the terrorists and saying that somebody is making them do it?" Rice said.

Rice said terrorists are simply evil people who want to kill. They are attempting to implicate the 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide in their schemes. "They want to kill in the name of a perverted ideology that really is not Islam, but they somehow want to claim that mantle to say that this is about some kind of grievance," she said. "This isn't about some kind of grievance. This is an effort to destroy, rather than to build."
You said it Doc. The liberals have this game where they blame the victim for the crime and exalt the criminal. Thats why we are fighting "insurgents" and "bombers" instead of terrorists. More of our leaders should take the media to task for it.

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