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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Headlines for Thursday 8/18/2005

Inca Tax Records Were Tied Up in Knots, Study Says
Inca system model for modern U.S. tax code

Researchers Creating Life From Scratch
At least that's how they're billing this years Annual Biologist Convention and Orgy

Eminem in Rehab for Sleep Medication
"My name is... Slim Shadyzzzzzzzzzz"

Kanye West Calls for End to Gay Bashing
Gay bashers everywhere cease activity. "We just needed to be told by some guy with a grammy."

Tips Lead to Arrest of Clown Assailant
Suspect gave himself away when he started acting funny

British Soldiers Get Germ-Fighting Undies
Anti-bacterial briefs deployed to stop crotch insurgents

Vandals Dump Fecal Matter at Tenn. School
It really hit the fan

Drug Suspect Found Asleep in Woman's Bed
Suspect delivering a message from some bears, also ate the woman's porridge and broke her chair

Big Three Anchormen Leave Sense of Loss
And that was during their newscasts

Lambs at Fair Disqualified Over Tails
Bo Peep to file wool suit

Australian PM: Ban on Word 'Mate' Absurd
Unlike the completely rational ban on Indian mascot names

And that's it for the GEN CON Indy edition of headlines. Don't forget to visit the usual suspects, basil, Moe, and The Capitalist for more headliney goodness!

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