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Saturday, August 06, 2005

John Roberts' Children

Well Moe had a couple of points regarding the investigation into John Roberts adoption of his two kids complete with a link to an alledged video segment with Michelle Malkin on Fox News. Well the link was redirected but after a brief hunt I got to see the segment. Malkin likened the situation to Journalistic dumpster diving. Moe's take on the situation:
But the kids are always off limits. I think adoption is a wonderful thing. I don't have any figures or statistics to give you, but I can say there are way, way, way too many kids in this world who will never know or have the love and security of a good family. All children should have that. I don't give a rat's patootie what political or religious view folks have, as long as they provide a child with a good and loving home. Roberts and his wife did this, so I say leave'em alone.

I agree. Is nothing sacred? Do the liberals in general and the New York times specifically want to derail Roberts and by extension hurt Bush so badly that they would stoop so low? Duh! I guess they must. And that is such a sad, sad statement about our political climate.

On a lighter note, ever notice how reading blogs turns into a stream of consciousness type ordeal? Well after reading Moe I found my way (via sitemeter) to Cap'n Bob who linked to Right Wing News' satirical replay to a question about the NYT's investigation into the Roberts adoption. Here's a sample:
Moreover, let's be very frank here: the fact that John Roberts would adopt children at all, as if children were some sort of property which could be passed around, is a strong indication that he wants to take this country back to pre-Civil War days, where people could be treated as property. Do you want 130 years of civil rights progress wiped out? If not, then tell your Congressman to vote against John Roberts.

Like I said it was satire but you should go read the whole thing.

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